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Maple Leaf Educational Systems and Lishui District of Nanjing Government Sign Memorandum of Cooperation

On July 2, 2020, Maple Leaf Educational Systems and Lishui District of Nanjing Government formally signed a memorandum of cooperation in running schools. The two sides will jointly establish a Maple Leaf International School in Lishui District, Nanjing.

MLES to open Nanjing campus in 2022

Dr. Sherman Jen, Founder and Chairman of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, said at the ceremony: “According to the memorandum, Nanjing Maple Leaf International School will be designed with a capacity of about 4000 students, including preschool education, elementary school, middle school, and high school. It will open on September 1, 2022. It will enroll students from all over the country.”

Lishui District

Lishui District is a hub located in the southern-central part of Nanjing which integrates airport, railway, transit, highway, and waterway junctions. With an ecologically-friendly environment and distinctive industrial characteristics, it is an attractive location for high-end industries and high-skills professionals.

Maple Leaf Acquires Canadian International School in Singapore

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Ltd acquires Canadian International School, one of the largest international schools in Singapore, for SGD 680 million.

In line with its strategy, China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Ltd. (“MLES” or the “Company”), today announced the proposed acquisition of Canadian International School Pte. Ltd. (“CIS”), a leading premium international school in Singapore, for SGD 680 million.

Deal highlights

  • Acquisition of one of the largest for-profit premium international schools in Singapore
  • CIS has a 30-year operating history in Singapore and enrolls approximately 3,500 students on its 2 campuses
  • The acquisition extends the footprint of MLES into the attractive international school sector in Singapore, a leading global education hub
  • Brings a top-tier brand name into MLES’s portfolio of schools
  • Opportunities to share best practices from MLES and CIS across the whole group


MLES will acquire 100% of CIS for a total purchase consideration of SGD 680 million, including the settlement of the existing bank debt and the share consideration, payable in two tranches: (i) upon completion of the acquisition of a 90% shareholding in CIS; and (ii) upon acquisition of the remaining 10% shareholding after the close of the academic year ending in July 2022, based on an agreed pricing formula. Expected completion is in Q3 2020, subject to MLES’ shareholders and regulatory approval.

Upon completion of the transaction, CIS will add a capacity of 4,100 students to MLES’s current total capacity of approximately 67,200 students (inclusive of Kingsley Edugroup), bringing the enlarged group total student capacity to over 71,300, an increase of 6%. The total student enrolment will increase by approximately 3,500 to 47,000, an increase of 8% (inclusive of Kingsley Edugroup).

Chairman of MLES, Dr Sherman Jen, stated “The acquisition of CIS is an excellent fit with our strategy to grow internationally and gives MLES a base in the attractive international school sector in Singapore. Following the acquisition, overseas schools will generate approximately 30% of MLES’s total revenue. The combination of CIS and MLES will enhance the competitive position of the Group in the ASEAN region, and support MLES’s long-term growth and business prospects. In addition, MLES is developing its third campus in Singapore at Hillside, with a capacity for 800 students. We are excited to welcome CIS to our growing family of schools.”

About CIS

Founded in 1990, CIS is a for profit premium international school in Singapore providing high quality education to expatriate and local students. Operating under the Canadian International School brand, CIS delivers the International Baccalaureate (“IB”) curriculum to Nursery/Pre-Kindergarten up to grade 12 students, with approximately 3,500 students across two campuses with best-in-class facilities and large outdoor spaces, which are undergoing expansion.

CIS’ students consistently achieve strong IB Diploma Programme results with pass rates and average scores that are significantly above the global average. It is a fully accredited education institution by IB World School, Edutrust and Western Association of Schools and Colleges. CIS is well known for its culturally diverse community represented by over 74 nations across its students and faculty staff, and its highly acclaimed bilingual English/ Chinese program where students are fully immersed culturally and taught by qualified native speakers who are also IB trained.

About China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited

MLES was established in 1995 in Dalian, China. It operates the largest network of private international schools in the PRC. As of March 31, 2020, MLES operates over 100 schools including high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, preschools and foreign national schools located in China, Australia, Canada and Malaysia with more than 43,500 students enrolled in total.

For more information view Investor Presentation.

Congratulations from Key Partners Cognia and UK NARIC


Key partner Cognia (formerly AdvanceED) sent congratulations to Maple Leaf on its 25th anniversary. Dr. Annette Bowling, Chief Accreditation Officer said, “It gives me great pleasure to find educational systems such as MLES that provides opportunities for its students to maximize their potential to achieve success for themselves and for the common good of the community.”

Cognia is the world’s largest non-government, non-profit educational evaluation and certification organization, and has certified 40,000 schools, educational institutions and training programs in 85 countries and regions worldwide. Maple Leaf has been certified by Cognia’s predecessor AdvancED since 2016. Maple Leaf is China’s largest private education provider, with over 100 schools and more than 40,000 students.


Key partner UK NARIC sent 25th anniversary congratulations to Maple Leaf:

“Maple Leaf’s history is a real success story. Amidst all the current difficulties, here is an uplifting example of helping young people achieve and progress, and a constructive collaboration between East and West.”

Dr Cloud Bai-Yun is the Chief Executive of the UK’s national agency providing information and expert opinion on vocational, academic and professional qualifications worldwide.

Maple Leaf Medal of Excellence & Honor Winners

Maple Leaf Medal of Excellence & Honor Winners are advanced members among Maple Leaf Staff, representing the direction of the cause of Maple Leaf Education. The medal winners are loyal to Maple Leaf Philosophy, love the cause of Maple Leaf, strive for excellence in education. They are trustworthy, honest and diligent, willing to contribute, always follow the vision and culture of Maple Leaf. They are dedicated when difficulties are encountered, stand firm at the crucial moments, and can be rated as “Three Excellences” of profession and the model of “MLES Values”.

On the occasion of Maple Leaf 25th anniversary, it is decided to confer the following persons Maple Leaf Medal of Excellence & Honor in recognition of their outstanding contributions to Maple Leaf cause.

1-2. Ms. Zhao Wei and General Gao Zhenpu
3. Mr. Cao Guoxing
4. Mr. Li Yongjin
5. Professor Li Shusen
6. Mr. Cao Xiaofeng
7. Mr. Zhu Qi
8. Ms. Deng Wanting
9. Ms. Lin Xue
10. Ms. Ge Lili
11. Ms. Li Tong
12. Mr. Stephen Cairns
13. Mr. Meng Xiangjun
14. Ms. Mo Yan
15. Ms. Sun Baohong
16. Ms. Yu Xiaofan
17. Ms. Tong Lili
18. Ms. Xiu Haiying
19. Ms. Liu Junxia
20. Mr. Xiong Han
21. Ms. Wang Xiaotang
22. Ms. Chen Jinfeng
23. Mr. Zhou Kai
24. Ms. Li Shuang
25. Ms. An Huiying

Maple Leaf and UK NARIC Sign Curriculum Assessment Agreement

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (Maple Leaf) and the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) have signed a three-year curriculum analysis, assessment, bench-marking agreement entitled Independent Review and Benchmarking Analysis of the Maple Leaf World Schools Program. As Maple Leaf develops and implements its Grade 10-12 World Schools Curriculum, UK-NARIC will be assessing and benchmarking Maple Leaf’s World Schools Curriculum with UK A-Level and other world recognized curricula. This independent analysis will assist Maple Leaf to ensure that its World Schools Curriculum is of world standard as it implements grade 10 in the 2020-21 school year, grade 11 in 2021-2022 and grade 12 in 2022-23.

UK NARIC is the designated national agency in the United Kingdom for the benchmarking of curricula and recognition of international qualifications and skills. It is a national agency with global reach, an important world reference point for qualifications. UK NARIC has 1,000 organizational members across 62 countries. Collectively, these members have 17,000 personnel using UK-NARIC online data and resources to select and recruit qualifying candidates for work and study. UK NARIC’s database of international qualifications is the largest anywhere, with over 4,000 qualifications from more than 200 countries, which includes curricula comparisons and bench-marking, and it is now extending to cutting-edge grade comparisons data for an expanding number of countries.

UK NARIC’s CEO, Dr. Cloud Bai-Yun commented, “We are delighted to be working with Maple Leaf Educational Systems, an important international schools group currently serving 40,000+ students globally. It is a vote of confidence that Maple Leaf has chosen UK NARIC to independently benchmark its developing curriculum. UK NARIC’s benchmarking and international comparisons are respected worldwide. The evaluation work that we are about to begin with Maple Leaf’s course development and enhancement will maximise the progression opportunities and global mobility of Maple Leaf students. More and more international education providers, awarding bodies, and national governments are choosing UK NARIC as their global reference point for their qualifications. Independent benchmarking of curricula, of the kind we are doing with Maple Leaf, is a fast-growing part of UK NARIC’s work, with client organisations spanning many countries.””

Maple Leaf’s Chair and CEO, Dr. Sherman Jen stated, “This agreement with UK NARIC is a great step forward for Maple Leaf to ensure the high standard of Maple Leaf’s World Schools Curriculum. This curriculum review and benchmarking will be another important quality indicator to assure students, parents, universities and the public of the high standard of the Maple Leaf World Schools Curriculum.”

Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Global Education, James Beeke observed, “UK NARIC’s benchmarking coupled with current accreditation by Cognia (formerly known as AdvancED) will communicate the high academic standard of Maple Leaf’s World Schools Curriculum globally. Cognia’s USA-based accreditation (Note: Cognia accredits more than 40,000 schools and universities, enrolling more than 20 million students in more than 80 countries), with NARIC’s UK-based standard, will communicate a clear message of Maple Leaf World Schools Curriculum quality to universities world-wide. Currently Maple Leaf has graduated more than 17,000 high school students and they are attending or have attended more than 600 universities in more than 30 countries.”

Maple Leaf Expands to Include Online Educational Delivery

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Instructure Global Ltd. to implement the Canvas Learning Management System in all Maple Leaf high schools located in China, Canada and Australia.

Canvas LMS is a highly respected online learning management system being used by several world’s top universities and high schools. 14 of the top 25 USA online bachelor’s degree programs are Canvas LMS users. The three-year subscription to the Canvas LMS includes 24/7 tier-one teacher support, premium implementation, Canvas administrator and teacher training packages.

Implementing Canvas LMS will further enhance the quality of Maple Leaf’s high school programs in the following ways:

  • Maple Leaf World Schools Curriculum — enhance the development of and teachers’ accessibility to the Maple Leaf World Schools Curriculum courses, teacher course overviews, unit outlines and lesson plans. The Group’s embeds 12 key teaching and learning strategies across all subjects in its curriculum that are known to be effective in assisting students whose first language is not English to master an English grade 10–12 curriculum. Canvas LMS will host all Maple Leaf World Schools courses, planning, resources and instructional videos, which will facilitate discussion among teachers, professional development, course enhancement and accessibility to resources, etc.;
  • Teacher Digital Resources — provide easy access for teachers to share and use helpful teaching resources across all Maple Leaf Schools high school courses, including instructional video clips, online links, websites and teacher-created units, etc.;
  • Student Learning Options — expand opportunities for students’ access to quality resources, group work and sharing, and communication with teachers, as well as possibilities for them to check on the status of their assignments, due dates, tests and marks 24/7;
  • Parental Connectedness — enable parents to check on the status of their children’s assignments, tests and marks 24/7;
  • School and Systems Data Analysis — improve the Group’s ability to analyse data results by school, grade level or system to more effectively identify English language and academic strengths and to detect and address areas for improvement; and
  • Online Education and Remote Learning — provide a quality delivery platform to enable the Group to provide quality delivery of course instructions online. Canvas LMS will be used to expand course electives for students, including dual credit online course options, which will allow our students to simultaneously complete their high school and first year university credits.

In addition, Canvas LMS will reduce costs and challenges for the Group’s high schools by providing a user-friendly platform for teachers and students to use digital textbooks and reducing the need to purchase and import printed textbooks each year. It will also enable the Group to reduce teacher costs through shared and more efficient use of teachers, especially for certain elective courses with lower student enrolments.

Canvas LMS is expected to increase the Group’s student enrolment in the future through the development of online and remote learning courses. With the use of Canvas LMS, the Group will be able to expand significantly by delivering online courses to students beyond its own on-site schools.

The immediate implementation of Canvas LMS will also enable the Group to continue to deliver a quality, university-preparatory educational program to all its high school students, while protecting the safety of its teachers and students during the current Coronavirus outbreak. High school students may continue their program uninterrupted through attending online courses.

The Board believes that the implementation of the Canvas LMS will help to further enhance the Group’s continuous improvement and growth plans through expanded opportunities and improved efficiency.

Maple Leaf Postpones the Start of Spring Semester

In response to the Coronavirus outbreak in China, Maple Leaf’s Epidemic Response Lead Committee has instructed all Maple Leaf Schools in China to adhere to the request of the State Council and to postpone the re-opening of schools for the Spring semester until March 2nd.

The primary focus of Maple Leaf at this time, as always, is on the safety of its students, staff and their families. Please follow the directions of all local health authorities to protect yourself.

Maple Leaf Systems and local campus leadership teams are developing plans to continue to provide the high level of education that Maple Leaf students and their families have become accustomed to. These plans will be communicated as developed and will ensure the least amount of disruption of Maple Leaf’s educational program as possible while maintaining a safe environment for everyone.

China Maple Leaf offers a Conditional General Cash Offer for Kingsley Edugroup in Malaysia - Belt and Road Initiative Area

Hong Kong, 29 January 2020 – The Board of Directors of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited (“MLE” or the “Company”, stock code: 1317.HK) is pleased to announce a voluntary conditional general cash offer to acquire all the shares of GEM-listed Kingsley Edugroup Limited (“Kingsley”, stock code 8105.HK) at a price of HK$0.54 per share. This acquisition is part of MLE’s international expansion plan.

Kingsley owns and operates a school in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, offering K-12 education to local and international students. The school, which as of this month has more than 1000 students and a physical capacity of 2,600, was opened in 2011, moved to its current location in 2015 and completed a major physical expansion plan in 2019. It has dormitory spaces for more than 800 students.

Should the offer to Kingsley shareholders be accepted, MLE will prioritize profitability through offering its high-quality international K-12 program to students from Malaysia, Singapore and other South East Asian countries. In addition to adding A-level and other advanced courses at the high school level, we will introduce our Mapleleaf Chinese as Secondary Language (CSL) curriculum, as co-developed and approved by China’s Confucius Institute. Aside from its K-12 programs, Kingsley currently offers some post-secondary educational services, which MLE intends to deregister.

Aside from planned curriculum enhancements and the deregistration of its tertiary services, MLE has no intention to introduce any significant changes to the existing operations and management of the Kingsley Group.

Kingsley owns two buildings and the free hold land associated with them. With a total floor area of 94,000 sqm, one is a 10-story building and another a 2-tower hostel of 13 and 15 stories. The school’s state-of-the-art facilities include a fully-equipped cafeteria, an indoor swimming pool, an Olympic size outdoor swimming pool, two libraries, a gymnasium and several multipurpose rooms and halls. The dormitory area covers 49,518 sqm which can host more than 800 boarding students. These assets are currently valued at more than HK$400M.

Kuala Lumpur is ideal for MLE expansion. Demand for high quality international education is growing both from the local community and expatriates working for the increasing number of multinational companies operating in Malaysia, including Nestle, Hewlett Packard, KPMG and Huawei. With Malaysia’s position as one of the key trading partners of China and a key part of the latter’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Kuala Lumpur has tremendous potential as a Southeast Asian international education hub, benefiting not only from Malaysian growth and development but also from growth in other ASEAN countries and throughout the region.

On track with the company’s Sixth Five-Year Plan, MLE will continue its expansion internationally. Within the Asia Pacific region, the acquisition of Kingsley will give MLE its first operating school in the region, with a second coming in due course at the Singapore school campus it acquired in 2016, currently under external lease. We have confidence that operating Asia Pacific region schools as a group will bring synergy in management and utilization of our curriculum development resources in China and Canada. The Board strongly believes that MLEs twenty-five years of school operating experience and its globally-recognized international curriculum will provide great international education in the Asia Pacific region and complement China’s BRI plan. Moving forward, MLE will continue to explore the establishment or acquisition of more high-quality international schools in this region and beyond.

Feel free to visit Kingsley International School in 360 View.

Maple Leaf World School-Lakehead University Hosts First Open House

Today, Maple Leaf World Schools was pleased to host the Thunder Bay community at its first open house at its new school, Maple Leaf World Schools–Lakehead University (MLWS-LakeheadU).

MLWS-LakeheadU is Maple Leaf’s third school in Canada and its first in Ontario. Located in the Avila Centre at Lakehead University Thunder Bay, this learning environment offers students an English immersion environment on campus.

Among those welcoming visitors from the University and Thunder Bay communities to its open house was Stuart McIlmoyle, President of Maple Leaf Education North America.

“Maple Leaf Education North America is proud to be opening our third school in Canada and the first in Ontario through our ongoing partnership with Lakehead University,” said McIlmoyle.

“Over the years, Maple Leaf and Lakehead have worked together to provide quality education experiences to the graduates of our Maple Leaf high schools,” he added. “The opening of MLWS-LakeheadU is a further step in strengthening our partnership. We look forward to seeing the development of the school and future joint initiatives between Maple Leaf and Lakehead.”

Students complete the Ontario Secondary School Diploma program curriculum preparing them for further studies in universities around the world. MLWS-LakeheadU offers the high school program at grades 10 to 12. Focusing on academic achievement, MLWS-LakeheadU students benefit from an English language immersion experience and a unique university preparatory program giving them an academic advantage in their post-secondary applications.

Our University Partner - Lakehead University

Lakehead University has been providing educational excellence in Canada for over 50 years. Lakehead is located in beautiful Thunder Bay and Orillia, with leading edge learning spaces on campus and nearby.

The university has over 8,300 students on two campuses with 1,400 international students from around the world. Lakehead University offers a diverse learning experience for all – making it a great campus for students to grow and develop their understanding of other cultures.

Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay offers a beautiful and natural location in a vibrant, small Canadian city, which is famous for its focus on outdoor recreation, clean air, and an excellent university that attracts students from around the world. Thunder Bay has a strong connection to sports and lots of nearby skiing, hiking and other outdoor recreation.

Maple Leaf School Advantages

  • Small classes, great teachers, excellent curriculum.
  • Outdoor adventure activities throughout the year included as part of the school program.
  • Dynamic, supervised evening self-study program.
  • Academic advising and university application assistance.
  • Dormitory living with private bedrooms in a quad suite.
  • Beautiful campus and access to the university’s state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Opportunities for advanced dual credit courses with the university.
  • Optional trips organized to major university campuses in Canada.

Monica Andrews, Principal of MLS-LakeheadU

Principal Monica Andrews holds a Bachelor of Environmental Studies - Geography from the University of Waterloo, a Bachelor of Education degree from Nipissing University and a Master of Education degree from the University of Prince Edward Island. Monica taught with Maple Leaf Educational Systems (MLES) in Tianjin, China since 2014 before being appointed Interim Vice Principal in 2018. She has acted in several leadership roles in her years with Maple Leaf International School - Tianjin, including Academic Advisor, Department Head, Educational Coordinator, Curriculum Editor, Team Leader and Systems Coordinator. In addition to her leadership roles, Monica has contributed greatly to Maple Leaf’s extra-curricular activities at her school as coach of various sports teams and clubs.

Principal’s Welcome Message

I am pleased to have the opportunity to welcome you to MLWS–LakeheadU in Thunder Bay, Ont., Maple Leaf’s newest Canadian school. At MLWS–LakeheadU we have a great team of educational professionals with many years of experience in Maple Leaf schools.

MLWS–LakeheadU offers the Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program to international students. Being located on the expansive and welcoming campus of Lakehead University allows our students access to world-class educational facilities. Our excellent facilities and location help to ensure student success and safety.

In our school community we strive for superior academic achievement and to develop social responsibility and positive values in our students. We believe that the values of respect, responsibility, honesty and hard work are fundamental to a healthy school community.

The community and surrounding area have much to offer our students. Outdoor activities abound: skiing, fishing, hiking, running and biking are all central to the lifestyle in Thunder Bay. Lakehead’s CJ Sanders Fieldhouse and Hangar, located near our classrooms, is an excellent sports centre with a pool, indoor basketball courts, running track, and exercise training rooms. Our students are never lacking things to do during the school-day, after school and on weekends.

Maple Leaf World Schools-Lakehead University hosts first open house of its Thunder Bay school.

Lakehead University’s Education Exchange Newsletter.

Maple Leaf Announces Implementation of its World School Program

Maple Leaf Educational Systems (Maple Leaf) will implement a World School Program!

The World School Program will enable Maple Leaf to further enhance its internationally recognized educational programs, which prepares students for entry into top universities, and strengthens their understanding of global issues and international cultures. This includes features such as doubling English class instructional time; offering AP (Advanced Placement) Mathematics and Science subjects; expanding Social Studies curriculum to cover World History, Geography and International Issues, as well as adding leadership perspectives training. The Chinese Humanity courses as well as the many other elective subjects that we are currently offering will remain and become integrated parts of the World School Program.

Maple Leaf’s World School Program provides a smooth transition from the compulsory Chinese Mandarin language-based grades 1 to 9 curriculum to the English language-based grades 10 to 12 curriculum. It embeds, across all subject areas, key teaching and learning strategies which are known to be the most effective manner for ESL learners to complete an English high school program.

Implementation of the World School Program will take place over a 3-year period commencing from September 2020. During this time Maple Leaf’s high school program in China will be transitioning from the British Columbia curriculum to the Maple Leaf World School curriculum. The first group of graduates from the World School Program will receive the Maple Leaf High School Graduation Diplomas in June 2023, endorsed by Cognia (formerly known as AdvancEd), which is the largest, globally recognized school accrediting agency in the world.

This strategic shift is being implemented after consultation with the British Columbia’s Ministry of Education, who formally agreed to cooperate with Maple Leaf during the transition period. In addition, the transition to the World School Program has been discussed with Maple Leaf’s university partners. Having conducted meetings with key universities in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland and the Netherlands, these key universities have confirmed their continued intention to preferentially recruit students from China from Maple Leaf high schools.

Maple Leaf schools will continue to be subject to Cognia’s rigorous school inspection processes, in addition to meeting their stringent school continuous improvement plans. All Maple Leaf schools will be certified by their local authorities, as well as by Cognia. In addition, all Maple Leaf teachers will continue to be government certified and meet the Maple Leaf’s high-quality hiring standards.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems expects that the transition to its World School Program will further strengthen its leading position in the education industry, enlarge its market share, and present a wider opportunity for Maple Leaf students and universities worldwide.

Maple Leaf Purchases School Campus in Brockville, Ontario

Maple Leaf is pleased to announce its purchase of a beautifully landscaped 27.4-acre campus overlooking the St. Lawrence River in the historic Brockville area of Ontario, Canada. The freehold property was purchased for C$13 million (US$9.84 million). Originally the school campus was developed as St. Mary’s College, a preparatory school run by the Roman Catholic church. In the late 1960’s the property changed hands and housed a private Christian boarding school until 2007. Since then it has served as a mixed-use site with the main buildings leased for commercial operations and its residential facilities leased to a nearby boarding school. Maple Leaf intends to reintegrate the entire site for its own use as a Maple Leaf boarding school.

The campus includes a recently renovated, four-storey heritage academic building, two gymnasiums, newly installed soccer field, dining hall with recently renovated commercial kitchen, large banquet facility and café. In addition, the site also includes student residences for 150+ students, nineteen villas/townhouse apartments (for teachers and staff or another 100 + students) and a 450-person chapel/auditorium. In total, the new school location encompasses twelve buildings with more than 140,000 square feet (13,000 square metres) of interior space.

The location is just a few minutes from Brockville, which is an attractive, historic city located on the St. Lawrence River and is known as the “City of 1,000 Islands.” It is one of the first cities to be established in Upper Canada (Ontario). In this area, the St. Lawrence River forms the boundary between Canada and the United States. Brockville is located within one hour driving from the Ottawa International Airport and the following approximate driving times from prominent cities in Canada: 1 hour from Ottawa, 2 hours from Montreal, 3 hours from Toronto, 4 hours from Quebec City. In addition, the site is within reach of large cities in the USA: 4 hours driving from Buffalo, 5 ½ hours from Hartford, 6 hours from New York City and 6 ½ hours from Boston. Together, these cities comprise a total population of close to 50 million people.

This campus is ideally suited, allowing Maple Leaf to continue expanding its internationally-focused, university-prep academic programming. Maple Leaf’s plans are to offer a unique educational offering that includes the following highlights:

  • The future delivery of Ontario’s Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) requirements which leads to graduation with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma
  • Delivery of Maple Leaf’s own high school diploma which is certified by the United States’ Cognia (formerly AdvancED and Measured Growth) accreditation organization (which includes accreditation by 3 of the 6 regional accrediting agencies in the USA recognized by the national government: NWAC, NCA and SACS)
  • Offering of AP (Advance Placement) courses in multiple subject areas
  • Direct university connections via Maple Leaf’s established University Partner Network
  • Opportunity to deliver music, performing and creative arts courses and related extra-curricular options

Dr. Sherman Jen, Maple Leaf’s Founder, Board Chair and CEO, stated:

“The Brockville school location and campus are just what Maple Leaf was looking for to advance its World School Program. We plan to open this school next year, in September 2020. It is the ideal setting for Canadian and international students to study together and benefit from Maple Leaf’s rich, bilingual, academic, university-prep program.

Our current programming is accredited by Maple Leaf Educational Systems and Cognia (formerly AdvancED and Measured Growth), the largest school accrediting agency in the world, recognized by the United States government. In addition, the process for accreditation of Maple Leaf high school courses by the Province of Ontario has already been initiated via the opening next month of Maple Leaf’s first Ontario school location on the Thunder Bay campus of Lakehead University.

The dormitory, cafeteria and overall school facilities will also service our Maple Leaf China student summer tour groups that regularly visit Eastern Canada and the United States. As Maple Leaf expands its schools in China and internationally, we witness the building of Maple Leaf’s World School Program and the reality of Maple Leaf’s growth in reaching its goal of blending the best of East and West in education to provide rich opportunities for its students and alumni.”

James Beeke, Executive Director and Superintendent of Global Education, added:

“The timing of the purchase is perfect to match the intensified efforts Maple Leaf is putting into expanding its program into a World School model, including enhancing international student recruitment, opening quality schools around the world, and forming linkages with internationally-recognized, high-quality educational institutions. The aesthetics of this beautiful campus will ideally suit the high-standard, academic-focused, bi-lingual, university-prep and internationally-based type program designed to prepare students well for the global world of tomorrow.”

School year begins at Maple Leaf School–Lakehead University

Maple Leaf Education North America, the Canadian subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems is pleased to announce the opening of our new school, Maple Leaf World School–Lakehead University (MLWS-LakeheadU).

This school, which opened its doors to students in September 2019, is the third Maple Leaf School in Canada and first in the province of Ontario, signaling the success of the planned expansion throughout the country.

The newest high school in the Maple Leaf family is situated on the grounds of Lakehead University in the beautifully scenic city of Thunder Bay, Ontario. The new partnership between Maple Leaf and Lakehead University provides a unique opportunity to students—one in which the students study under the Ontario provincial curriculum delivered by our Maple Leaf School, work towards a high school diploma in a completely English-immersive environment, and have access to state-of-the-art university facilities.

Maple Leaf has a very special relationship with Lakehead University. This valued relationship has been established through the years via various shared efforts and initiatives. These include strong foundations that have been built together with Lakehead University’s Faculty of Education. China Maple Leaf Educational Systems regularly hosts Lakehead University students in our schools for international teaching practicums. Each year Lakehead University teacher graduates have the opportunity to be hired and join the Maple Leaf team for long-term employment.

In addition, Lakehead University is also a chosen site of the Maple Leaf Educational Systems-STEM Teacher Training Program. This program provides qualifying students graduating from our schools in China to study a special five-year education program at the University which will prepare them to return to China as qualified math and science teachers. Therefore, we are happy to now see Maple Leaf high school students studying at MLWS–LakeheadU join many other Maple Leaf alumni currently studying in Thunder Bay.

“Maple Leaf is delighted to open this new school on the grounds of Lakehead University’s Thunder Bay campus. Lakehead University is one of the most ethnically diverse institutions in Canada with over 83 nationalities represented within the University’s student body. Maple Leaf is confident and proud in promoting Lakehead University as a strategic study destination. The many great programs and facilities at Lakehead University offer wonderful opportunities to our students and all others whom choose to study at this innovative and growing institution.” said Stuart McIlmoyle, President of Maple Leaf Education North America.

Maple Leaf World School-LakeheadU principal, Monica Andrews, brings with her many years of experience within the China Maple Leaf Education Network. Monica has risen through the ranks of the Maple Leaf network to now being the leader of our latest university preparatory high school and the first to be established in Ontario. Monica and her carefully selected team are well qualified to bring the Maple Leaf model of education to the community of Thunder Bay.

Maple Leaf Education North America looks forward to the future growth and success of our new school and the continuing partnership with Lakehead University over the years to come.

Maple Leaf’s Growth Accelerates: Opens 6 New Schools in September 2019 and Surpasses 100 Schools

Maple Leaf successfully opened 6 new schools this September! These schools are Maple Leaf: Elementary School – Jinan, Middle School – Jinan, Elementary School – Tianjin Nankai, Elementary School – Xiangyang, Middle School – Xiangyang and Maple Leaf World School – Lakehead University, located on the campus of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

The number of Maple Leaf schools now exceeds 100 and more schools are already in planning for opening September 2020.

Dr. Sherman Jen Named One of China’s 10 Most Influential Education Leaders - 2019

“The highest goal of education is to change more people, to make people understand and tolerate each other, and to bring people with different cultural backgrounds together and reduce conflicts. The world is full of conflicts because people don’t understand and tolerate each other. Nearly 10,000 Maple Leaf graduates have gone all over the world as advocates for that goal.” – from Sherman Jen’s speech at the convocation of Royal Roads University, Victoria, BC, Canada upon receiving his Honorary Doctorate of Laws, June 19, 2013.

Dr Jen has been deservedly recognized as one of China’s Top 10 Influential Educators for 2019. His picture graces the cover of the August 2019 edition of The Knowledge Review.

Twenty-four years ago, Dr Sherman Jen founded one of the very first international schools in China, Maple Leaf International School – Dalian, which has grown into the largest network of international schools in China, operating under China Maple Leaf Educational Systems. As of June, 2019, 21 grade 12 classes and over 16,000 MLES graduates have successfully completed the Maple Leaf high school program and become a significant part of the wave of Chinese studying in post-secondary institutions abroad.

Dr. Jen was born and grew up in China. His first post-secondary degree was earned at the Beijing Foreign Studies University, where he became fluent in English. After completing his degree, Dr. Jen continued to practice his English while building a successful clothing export business.

After emigrating to Canada, the kindness of a Canadian stranger and the education system his daughters enrolled in inspired Dr. Jen to approach the British Columbia Premier with a plan to introduce the BC curriculum in China. In 24 years, from 1995-2019, Maple Leaf Educational Systems has grown from one school of 14 students in Dalian, Liaoning, China to more than 100 schools with over 41,000 students in three countries. MLES offers a dual BC Dogwood Diploma and Chinese high school graduation diploma in 11 cities in China, including Dalian, Chongqing, Hainan, Henan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Xi’an, Yancheng and Zhenjiang. MLES schools in Ordos-Inner Mongolia, Pingdingshan, Jinzhou, Pinghu, Huzhou, Wifang, and Haikou offer the Chinese K-9 program with the BC Graduation Program in their future.

“I believe my strongest contribution to education in China has been to give Chinese students an opportunity to be influential on the world stage, because the blending of the best of East and West in their education teaches them to see things from more than one perspective. The more Maple Leaf Educational Systems expands its operations, the more students will benefit from this unique opportunity.”

Dr. Jen’s goal is to establish the largest global school system in the world that blends the best aspects of Eastern education and culture with Western educational content and methodologies. He expects to be offering this unique Maple Leaf curriculum to 100,000+ students in 10 countries by 2025. With the expansion of the Maple Leaf Global Education System, high school students will be able to complete different semesters at Maple Leaf campuses in different countries, all as part of the same Maple Leaf Global School. Dr. Jen’s goal is to prepare students thoroughly to be global leaders in the international world of tomorrow.

Recognitions of Achievement

Dr. Sherman Jen’s journey has shaped him to be the leader he is today. His innovative educational leadership has been recognized by both Chinese and Canadian governments. The below-mentioned awards and titles conferred on him attest to his superior achievements in this field.

  • Most Influential Figure of China Private Education (2004) – China Education Innovation and Development Forum
  • Outstanding Achievements Award (2008) – Government of British Columbia
  • China Times Top Ten News Figures in 2011
  • Governor General’s Medallion (2013) – Governor General of Canada (Queen’s Representative)
  • Honorary Doctorate of Laws (2013) – Royal Roads University
  • Friendship Award (2014) – Chinese National Government

The continuous effort of Maple Leaf Educational Systems schools to educate children with world-class curricula that combine the best of East and West is resulting in graduates who are fully equipped to further their education in the world’s top universities. Listed among the Forbes list of potential Chinese listed companies in 2017, and The 10 Best International Schools in China 2018, Maple Leaf schools are maintaining a reputation for providing a high quality education.

The entire Knowledge Review article can be reviewed at:

Maple Leaf Celebrates 100th School

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems celebrated the opening of its 100th school in Jinan on September 4th. Maple Leaf Bilingual School- Jinan held its opening ceremony with the support of the People's Government of Zhangqiu District of Jinan City and the Zhangqiu District People's Government.

Dr. Sherman Jen, founder and chairman of Maple Leaf Education, welcomed the crowd and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to local leaders and community support for Maple Leaf Bilingual School - Jinan.

Dr. Jen announced that Jinan Maple Leaf Primary School will follow the Maple Leaf model of blending the best of the east and the west. The curriculum system is based on the opening of the national curriculum and highlights English language development.

With the smooth start of Jinan Maple Primary School, local students and parents are eagerly awaiting the completion of the International High School. Dr. Jen said that the Jinan Maple Leaf International High School is set to open in September 2020 and will provide an international program for Jinan and Weifang junior high school graduates.

Wang Yujie, deputy head of Zhangqiu District of Jinan City, spoke on behalf of the Zhangqiu District People's Government: “Jinan Maple Leaf Bilingual School will play an important role in optimizing Zhangqiu's educational resources, developing quality education and cultivating outstanding talents. The government and various departments will continue to provide a guarantee of quality and efficient service for Jinan Maple Leaf Development.”

Twenty-four years ago, Dr Sherman Jen opened Maple Leaf International School – Dalian with only 14 students. As of June 2019, 21 grade 12 classes and over 16,000 MLES graduates have successfully completed the Maple Leaf high school program and gone on to study at post-secondary institutions abroad.

The opening of the 100th school is another milestone in Dr. Jen’s goal to establish the largest global school system in the world that blends the best aspects of Eastern education and culture with Western educational content and methodologies.

Dr. Alan Shaver Accepts Maple Leaf Board Director Position

The Board of Directors of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Alan Shaver as an independent director of the company, effective August 31, 2019. Dr. Shaver will serve as a member of the audit committee, remuneration committee, and nomination and corporate governance committee

Dr. Shaver served as President and Vice Chancellor of Thompson Rivers University from 2010 to 2018. Prior to this, he served as the Vice President Academic and Provost of Dalhousie University from 2006 to 2010. From 1975 to 2006, Dr. Shaver held various positions in McGill University, including assistant professor, associate professor, professor, chair of the Department of Chemistry, and Dean of the Faculty of Science. He also worked at the University of Western Ontario from 1972 to 1975, where he served as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow and Department of Chemistry teaching fellow.

Dr. Shaver is currently Chair of the Board of Directors of Innovate BC, a British Columbia provincial Crown Agency whose mission is to grow BC’s high-tech economy.

Dr. Shaver completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Carleton University majoring in Chemistry in 1969, and obtained his doctorate degree in Organometallic Chemistry at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1972.

We sincerely welcome Dr. Shaver to our Board of Directors and look forward to his added insights from his years in education and educational administration.

Top Ten Universities Enroll Maple Leaf Graduates

Maple Leaf Educational Systems’ 2019 graduates have received offers from universities and colleges from around the globe and to date 106 graduates have received offers from the Top Ten Ranked Universities in the world.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems is China’s leading independent international school system. Since its establishment in 1995, more than 14,000 Maple Leaf Graduates have been enrolled in 672 universities or colleges in 30 countries or regions worldwide. More than 50% of Maple Leaf’s graduates have been enrolled in the top 100 ranked universities, including such institutions as Stanford University, the University of Chicago, the University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, the University College London, the University of Toronto, Australian National University, the National University of Singapore and the University of Hong Kong.

New Maple Leaf International School in Jinan, China Announced

At a press conference held in Jinan on April 10, Dr. Sherman Jen, founder and CEO of Maple Leaf Educational Systems expressed his gratitude to Education and Government leaders in Shandong Province for their support of Maple Leaf International School - Jinan. Dr. Jen stated that the excellent cooperation between MLES and the district government will give full access to the advantages of the Maple Leaf model of education, as well as inject new energy into economic development and social progress.

Mr. Han Wei, Chief of Zhangqiu District Government, said that the successful educational model of MLES would inject momentum and diversified development into education in Shandong. He spoke of the importance of promoting educational reform and innovation, and praised Maple Leaf for the widespread reputation it has garnered for its educational model. MLES combines the best of Chinese and Western education to provide students with a high quality education. The Maple Leaf high school education model is characterized by a bilingual and dual-degree program. Maple Leaf’s effective English education will distinguish its primary schools and junior high schools from other schools in Jinan.

In the past 24 years, over 14,000 students have graduated from Maple Leaf International Schools. Maple Leaf students have enrolled in 672 colleges and universities in 30 countries and regions around the world. In 2018, 99 MLIS Graduates were admitted to the world’s top 10 universities. This year, as of April 5, more than one hundred 2019 graduates have already been admitted to the world’s top 10 universities.

The establishment of Maple Leaf International School - Jinan supports the educational reform strategies of the government. MLES is dedicated to building a strong education system in Shandong to support educational “opening up” to the outside world.

Leaders in Government and Education attended the event, which was held at the Shandong Qingzhao Hotel, Zhangqiu District, in Jinan City. Wang Yujie, deputy chief of Zhangqiu District Government, Liu Shaoshan, director of Zhangqiu District Government Office, and Liu Guoxing, director of Zhangqiu District’s Education Bureau were all in attendance. MLES leaders present included Dr. Peter Froese, BC Program Superintendent; Cao Xiaofeng, Vice-president; Liu Lihua, Vice-president; Shao Ling, Principal of Maple Leaf International School – Jinan; and Fang Honghong, Principal of Maple Leaf International School - Weifang. The event was attended and covered by Shandong Radio and Television Station, Qi Lu Evening News, Shandong Business Daily, Jinan Daily, Jinan Radio and Television Station, as well as other media.

AdvancED Endorses Maple Leaf High School Curriculum and Certifies Maple Leaf Diplomas

Dr. Annette Bohling, AdvancED Chief Accreditation Officer, and Dr. Kem Hussain, AdvancED Vice President of Middle East/Africa & Asia-Australia, and Dr. Sherman Jen, Maple Leaf Chair and CEO, and Superintendent James Beeke, Maple Leaf Executive Director and Superintendent of Global Education, signed a significant agreement between AdvancED and Maple Leaf Educational Systems today in Dalian, China!

AdvancED, which has accredited the MLES Corporation with all of its elementary, middle and high schools, has now evaluated and endorsed the Maple Leaf Curriculum and will be certifying Maple Leaf’s graduating high school students’ transcripts and diplomas as having met the global standards for international schools by attaching and endorsing them with its seal of quality.

Future Maple Leaf high school graduates will now graduate with an additional high school diploma, a Maple Leaf diploma bearing AdvancED’s seal of accreditation. This means that graduates from China’s Maple Leaf high schools will graduate with diplomas from China, British Columbia – Canada, and Maple Leaf with AdvancED accreditation. Students graduating from Maple Leaf high schools in Australia, Ontario and other locations will graduate with local government diplomas and Maple Leaf diplomas with AdvancED accreditation. The Maple Leaf diploma certified by AdvancED will be the diploma received by all students graduating from a Maple Leaf high school anywhere in the world.

As Dr. Jen explained, “AdvancED’s accreditation of Maple Leaf’s Global Curriculum and its certification of Maple Leaf’s high school transcripts and diplomas align well with Maple Leaf’s expanding global vision. As AdvancED is the largest school accreditation agency in the world, this step will enhance the world-wide recognition of Maple Leaf’s high school curriculum and quality of Maple Leaf’s diploma, the unifying diploma that will be issued to all Maple Leaf graduates, regardless of the country where their Maple Leaf high school is located. Universities around the world will now have an added assurance that Maple Leaf high school graduates are graduating from a high quality program of study, as they will receive an additional diploma bearing AdvancED’s seal of high quality. This is a great day for Maple Leaf’s global advancement.”

All Maple Leaf Elementary and Middle Schools Accredited by AdvancED!

At a celebration dinner in Dalian, Dr. Annette Bohling, Chief Accrediting Officer and Vice President of AdvancED, presented Dr. Sherman Jen, Chair and CEO of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, with AdvancED School Accreditation Certificates for all Maple Leaf Elementary (grades 1-6) and middle schools (grades 7-9). These Maple Leaf schools have now joined all the Maple Leaf high schools as accredited schools under Maple Leaf Educational Systems corporate systems accreditation. AdvancED’s standards and continuous improvement assessment tools have been translated into Mandarin for use also by non-English speaking teachers in Maple Leaf’s Chinese program elementary and middle schools.

AdvancED is USA based and it is the largest education accrediting body in the world, accrediting more than 32,000 schools involving more than 20 million students in many countries. Its accreditation incorporates accreditation from three USA accreditation commissions:

  • North Central Association of Schools and Colleges (NCA) Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NWAC) Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement
  • Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS) Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement

Dr. Jen stated in his speech at the celebration dinner, “It is a great honor for me to receive these 49 AdvancED School Accreditation Certificates for all our elementary and middle schools. Under Maple Leaf’s corporate systems AdvancED accreditation all 70 of our elementary, middle, foreign nationals and high schools in China and other countries are now accredited!” James Beeke, Maple Leaf Superintendent of Global Education added, “This marks a significant step forward for Maple Leaf as a System and it will enhance our alignment and working together from grade 1 through 12.”

Dr. Dawson Accepts Position as Head of Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen

Dr. Patricia Dawson has served as Head of Crofton House School for the past 19 years. Crofton House is a highly prestigious school in Canada and its students’ scores are consistently one of the highest in British Columbia. Dr. Dawson will bring her successful educational leadership experience to her new position as Head of Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen commencing August 2019.

Dr. Dawson is an experienced educational leader who has worked in both the independent and public school systems in Canada. Born and raised in Chatham, Ontario, she obtained an Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Family Studies from the University of Guelph, a Bachelor of Education in Family Studies and Guidance from the University of Western Ontario, a Masters of Education in Administration from the University of Windsor, and her Doctor of Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto. The focus of her thesis was “The Ethic of Care and Administration in Independent Girls’ Schools”.

Dr. Dawson began her career in education with the Kent County Board of Education in Ontario where she held various teaching positions including Secondary Principal and Vice Principal. She then spent five years at Ridley College as Assistant Head of School. Currently, Dr. Dawson is the Head of Crofton House School in Vancouver, British Columbia, a position she has held for the past 19 years. She has also been very involved in the Canadian Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) having served for two years as Chair of the Board followed by two years as Co-chair of the newly formed Canadian Accredited Independent Schools (CAIS). Dr. Dawson has also chaired five CAIS accreditation teams in independent schools across the country.

Dr. Patricia Dawson is happily married to Paul Dawson who is involved in residential real estate development. Their daughter Heather teaches at an independent school in Vancouver. Their son Byron lives in Australia with his young family and works in the ski industry.

Maple Leaf School – University of South Australia Opens!

On Monday 11 February 2019 MLS-UniSA welcomed its first students in Grades 10, 11 and 12. In doing so we became the first Maple Leaf School in the Southern Hemisphere!

Located within the Mawson Lakes Campus of the University of South Australia in beautiful Adelaide, we offer the South Australian Certificate of Education and students are also able to study the Maple Leaf Chinese Diploma. Our affiliation with the University is flourishing and we already have engagement with Information Technology, Science and Mathematics faculties. Students have access to well-equipped classrooms and other specialist facilities within the University.

Our multinational staff team come from Australia, Canada, China, and New Zealand and they are well equipped to deliver a global education to a range of international students.

Students all live with Australian residents in a homestay arrangement and this supports the development of their English language skills.

As we near the end of our orientation program students are beginning to engage in their academic courses.

Our official opening will take place in June.

New Maple Leaf School at Lakehead University

Maple Leaf Education North America, the Canadian subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems is pleased to announce the signing of an MOU with Lakehead University, identifying Thunder Bay as the planned site of our newest university school. The signing took place at the CMLES headquarters in Dalian, China, coinciding with the 3rd Maple Leaf International Forum and the opening of the 14th Annual Maple Leaf Recruitment Fair.

This school, scheduled to open in September 2019, will be the first in Ontario and signals a planned expansion throughout Canada.

Dr. Sherman Jen, CMLES Chairman and Dr. David Barnett, Lakehead University, Provost at signing ceremony in Dalian, China

“Our unique ‘university school’ model gives students the advantage of a small and personalized private high school education along with the independence and advanced academic, cultural and recreational opportunities available through our university partners. Our schools provide a Complete Care model and encourage students’ personal development through our Global Leaders of Tomorrow program.” said Dawn Sutherland, President, Maple Leaf Education North America.

Maple Leaf has a very special relationship with Lakehead University, especially with the Faculty of Education. MLES schools in China host Lakehead University students during their international teaching practicum and each year new teacher graduates are hired to teach at Maple Leaf schools in China. Lakehead University is also the site of the MLES-STEM Teacher Training Program whereby qualifying students graduating from MLES schools in China are selected into a special 5-year program at the university that prepares them to return to China as qualified math and science teachers. Students at the new on-campus high school will join many other Maple Leaf graduates currently studying in Thunder Bay.

Dr. David Barnett, Lakehead University’s Provost & Vice-President (Academic) commented, “Lakehead University is proud to work with Maple Leaf Schools, an organization that will provide opportunities for students from China to live and learn in an exceptional region of Canada, as well as opportunities for Lakehead Education students to complete teaching practicums in a unique classroom setting.”

Maple Leaf Included in Top Ten International Schools in China

Maple Leaf’s international schools were recently included in The Knowledge Review as one of the ten top international schools in China. To read this article click here.

The Knowledge Review is an international education magazine for universities, students, teachers and parents offering news, blogs, articles and courses from the best schools and universities. The Knowledge Review provides a broad overview of the vast educational sector. Being one of the top international education and knowledge provider magazines, The Knowledge Review is a platform made to serve as a bridge between students, educators, schools and universities.

Maple Leaf International Education Forum 2018

Chinese, Canadian, Australian and other international educational leaders attended and spoke at the Maple Leaf Education Forum held in the new Hilton Dalian Golden Pebble Beach Resort on November 16-17, 2018. The Forum provided a meaningful opportunity for international education colleagues to meet, exchange ideas and develop further cooperation.

Participants included 12 university presidents, 36 university representatives and more than 300 international educators from China, Canada, Australia and other countries, as well as government education officials, including Professor Wang Benzhong, member of the China National Education Advisory Committee. More than 20 media firms attended and reported on the Forum.

See this link for a Comprehensive Forum Report.

Maple Leaf Expands to 91 Schools and More than 36,500 Students

The Maple Leaf family of schools continues to grow. As of November 2018, it includes 91 schools: 27 pre-schools, 24 elementary, 23 middle and 14 high schools in 20 cities across China and two cities in Canada. Maple Leaf currently employs more than 400 BC-certified, 180 international ESL and 2,000 Chinese-certified teachers.

Maple Leaf high schools graduated more than 2,100 grade 12 students in June 2018, raising the total number of its high school graduates (since the first graduates in 1999) to more than 14,000. These Maple Leaf alumni have or are attending more than 600 universities in more than 30 countries around the world.

Since its conception in 1995 with one school enrolling 14 students, Maple Leaf has grown to become BCs and Canada’s largest offshore school system, as well as China’s largest private and international school system.

The 14th MLES International Education Fair Held Successfully

The 14th annual MLES International Education Fair was held successfully from Nov. 17 to Nov. 27, 2018. This year, 84 universities and colleges from 8 countries and regions participated in the roadshow held on Maple Leaf campuses in Dalian, Tianjin, Chongqing, Wuhan, Luoyang, Zhenjiang and Shanghai, including 22 of the MLES Global Top 100 Universities. As one of the best sources of quality students for higher education institutions overseas, exclusively for Maple Leaf students and parents, this year’s fair drew a total of over 15,000 participants.

Maple Leaf Grade 12 Graduates Accepted Into World’s Top Ranked Universities

About 69 percent of Maple Leaf’s 2,146 grade 12 graduates of 2018 received offers from the MLES Global Top 100 Universities.

For example, the following indicate the number of admission letters/offers Maple Leaf graduates received from:

Top 20 Universities in Canada

  • McGill University - 39
  • University of Toronto - 334
  • University of British Columbia - 124
  • Queen’s University - 169
  • University of Alberta - 631
  • McMaster University - 97
  • Western University - 403
  • Dalhousie University - 4
  • University of Calgary - 63
  • University of Ottawa - 138
  • Simon Fraser University -25
  • University of Waterloo - 34
  • University of Victoria - 74
  • Carleton University - 79
  • University of Guelph - 4
  • University of New Brunswick - 69
  • Memorial University - 1
  • York University - 489
  • Concordia University – 54
  • Wilfrid Laurier University - 24

Top 10 Universities in Australia

  • Australian National University - 42
  • University of Melbourne - 159
  • University of Sydney - 197
  • University of Queensland - 147
  • University of New South Wales - 61
  • Monash University - 217
  • University of Western Australia - 57
  • University of Adelaide - 14
  • University of Technology Sydney - 110
  • The University of Newcastle, Australia - 81

Top 20 Universities in the UK

  • Imperial College of London - 48
  • Durham University - 45
  • University of Warwick - 35
  • University of Exeter - 1
  • University College of London - 72
  • University of Leeds - 13
  • University of York - 4
  • University of Southampton - 11
  • University of Birmingham - 42
  • University of Bristol – 32
  • University of Edinburgh – 133
  • University of Glasgow – 18
  • King’s College London – 89
  • Queen Mary-University of London – 2
  • University of Manchester – 110
  • University of St Andrews – 4
  • University of Sheffield - 24
  • Top Universities in Other Countries & Regions
  • Wake Forest University - 1
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong - 1
  • City University of Hong Kong - 2
  • Hong Kong Polytechnic University - 4
  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – 1
  • University of Auckland - 2

MLES Awarded Canada-China Business Council Education Excellence Award

Maple Leaf Educational System was the proud recipient of the Canada- China Business Council Education Excellence Award, at the latter’s 40th Anniversary Business Awards Ceremony on October 9, 2018. Howard Balloch, Vice Chairman of Maple Leaf Educational Systems, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

At the CCBC awards ceremony, MLES was praised for its successful growth since its establishment in 1995, with the President of CCBC specifically recognizing Maple Leaf's high-quality international education system which blends the best of Eastern and Western educational practices. Over the last twenty years, MLES graduates have attended 672 colleges and universities in 30 countries and regions around the world, with more than 50% of MLES graduates being admitted to the top 100 universities in the world, including Stanford University, University of Chicago, University of Cambridge, Imperial College, University College London, University of Toronto, McGill University, Australian National University, National University of Singapore and University of Hong Kong. Among the 2018 MLES graduates, 99 students were accepted by the top ten universities in the world.

The CCBC is an advocate, coordinator and promoter of bilateral business and investment between Canada and China. It is committed to providing business information between Canada and China and building bridges for business exchanges and communication between the two countries. As the most important civic economic and trade exchange ties between Canada and China, the CCBC has been regularly selected as a partner of large-scale economic and business or foreign exchange visits between the two governments since its establishment in 1978.

New Sherman Jen Building Opened at Royal Roads University

Friday, September 7th, 2018 marked a memorable day for Royal Roads University with celebrations to open the new Sherman Jen Building. Dr. Sherman Jen, founder and chairperson of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems was present at the ceremony where he gave a speech to the attendees. “My advice for all students is to study hard, to take your education seriously. Set your direction, keep your goals in mind and strive to achieve them.” Pictured here are Dr. Sherman Jen with his wife, Amy Yan and the president of Royal Roads University, Dr. Allan Cahoon.

Read the article on Royal Roads University website.

Read the article in the Victoria Times Colonist.

Canada’s Ambassador to China Visits and Congratulates Maple Leaf Schools

Canada’s Ambassador to China, The Honourable John McCallum, visited Maple Leaf’s high school and head office in Dalian on July 27, 2018. He was accompanied by his wife, and the First Secretary and Trade Commissioner (Education), and the Assistant Trade Commissioner.

In his follow-up letter to Dr. Sherman Jen, the Ambassador complimented Dr. Jen and Maple Leaf schools, stating: “The tour of Maple Leaf headquarters and flagship school impressed upon me the strength of your schools’ foundations, and your vision as an educator…. The remarkable growth of Maple Leaf in recent years is a signal that you have a successful formula, and I congratulate you for it.”

Read the Ambassador’s complete letter here.

Award for Outstanding Program in International Education

On June 19, 2018 Royal Roads University and Maple Leaf Educational Systems received the Award for Outstanding Program in International Education from the British Columbia Council for International Education (BCCIE). The awarded program was the RRU Master of Arts in Educational Leadership and Management which was developed in a unique bilingual English/Mandarin blended delivery format. For the full article visit English-Mandarin MA in Educational Leadership & Management.

Kelli Kramer, a Maple Leaf Teacher, Receives Person of the Year Award

The following includes excerpts from the News Release regarding this event:

On May 24, 2018, Kelli Kramer, a Canadian teacher at Maple Leaf International School - Dalian, received the “Person of the Year for International Teachers in China Award” during an event organized by the China State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs.

Kelli is not only the first Maple Leaf teacher to win this distinguished award, but she is also the first K-12 international teacher in China to receive it, as the other recipients have all been university instructors.

Ms. Kelli Kramer is a model teacher and leader. She is one of over 400 teachers in China employed by Maple Leaf Educational Systems, who provide instruction and guidance to prepare their students for a successful future in an international world. Kelli has also communicated a strong and positive message to surrounding communities. She has done so by involving teachers and students in multiple charity fund-raising events, to connect communities inside and outside the school. Through her thoughtfulness and kindness, Kelli has promoted public welfare in China and made great contributions to her “second home”. Several less-privileged communities have been impacted by her compassion and generosity.

Join us in congratulating Kelli for her tireless and selfless contributions and gracious example.

Dr. Peter Froese - Appointed Superintendent of BC Programs: China Schools

We wish to sincerely thank Mr. Bob Gardner who has served for the past two years as Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of BC Programs for Schools in China. Bob will be returning for Canada this summer. Bob has served in this capacity with professional expertise, cultural awareness and effective leadership. He will be missed, and we express our deep appreciation to him for his dedicated service and wish him the very best as he returns to Canada.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Peter Froese as our new Superintendent of BC Programs for China Schools. He will commence this new role in August.

Peter is a provincially recognized educator and administrator who has provided leadership in the public, independent, and post-secondary sectors in British Columbia. He completed his doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy at UBC in 2010 and is a contributing author of a book entitled, What Every Teacher Needs to Know: Topics of Inclusion, published by Wipf and Stock, 2017.

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Winnipeg, a Teacher Certification diploma from UBC, a Masters in Educational Leadership from the University of Victoria and a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy from UBC.

His experience in education includes 20 years in the public sector with the Richmond and Abbotsford School Districts, as well as four years as teacher and administrator with the Department of National Defense in Lahr, Germany. He was recruited to become Superintendent of MEI Schools in Abbotsford, where an elementary and middle school were established under his leadership.

For the last eight years, he has been the Executive Director of the Federation of Independent Schools (FISA) in British Columbia, advocating on behalf of 310 independent schools and 83,000 students.

His professional involvements include:

  • Five senior BC Ministry of Education committees on educational policy, leadership, curriculum innovation, risk management, and teacher recruitment and retention
  • Board Vice Chairperson of the BC Council of International Education (BCCIE) for the past seven years, including chair of the Finance and HR Committee
  • Member of City University Advisory Board
  • Ministry of Education evaluator and chair for BC offshore schools in China and independent schools in BC until 2009
  • Has just been reappointed by the Ministry of Education as chair of BC offshore and independent school evaluation teams until 2021
  • Worked closely with the leadership of BCSTA, BCPVPA, BCSSA and BCASBO, the education partners in the BC public sector, supporting quality learning opportunities for K-12 students in BC

Maple Leaf Signs Agreement with the University of South Australia

March 27, 2018 – Maple Leaf Education Asia Pacific Limited (“Maple Leaf”), a company wholly owned by China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited, signed an agreement today with the University of South Australia (“UniSA”) to open an English-Mandarin bilingual school on the Mawson Lakes Campus of UniSA in Adelaide, Australia.

Maple Leaf School - University of South Australia (MLS-UniSA), will be the first high school in Adelaide established by a Chinese education group. The School will offer a bilingual English-Mandarin curriculum for senior high school students in grades 10-12. It is expected to open in February 2019 with approximately 60 to 75 students.

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited opened its first school in 1995 and has grown to become the largest operator of international schools in China Maple Leaf established its first bilingual university School at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, Canada in 2016. In September 2017, Maple Leaf opened its second at Kwantlen Polytechnic University's campus in Richmond, Vancouver, Canada. Maple Leaf is the largest operator of international schools certified by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. Maple Leaf Educational Systems and all its high schools are also accredited by AdvancEd, the largest school accreditation agency in the United States of America and in the world.

Dr. Sherman Jen, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Maple Leaf, said: “China Maple Leaf is delighted to be opening its first high school in Australia at the University of South Australia. An increasing number of our students are choosing Australian universities for their higher education. The University of South Australia is an excellent partner for us, as one of the top 50 universities in the world under 50 years old. We admire their high educational standards, their internationalism, and their pioneering spirit.”

Nigel Relph, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of The University of South Australia, stated: “The University of South Australia is pleased to welcome Maple Leaf as partners on our campus. Maple Leaf’s network will provide broad opportunities for our Education students for classroom observation, research, practicum experience, and in future international work opportunities for our Bachelor of Education graduates. The Maple Leaf School will provide first-hand experience for the students of UNISA to observe a bilingual school, opening up new opportunities for UNISA to analyze these programs and to be pioneers in the study of bilingual education. We also look forward to the increased profile that Maple Leaf can provide for UNISA in China, raising awareness of our young university in the world’s largest country for international students.”

Maple Leaf and AdvancED Leadership Meeting

Maple Leaf Chairman and CEO, Dr. Sherman Jen, and Executive Director and Superintendent of Global Education, James Beeke, met with AdvancED President and CEO, Dr. Mark Elgart; Chief of Global Operations, Dr. Annette Bowling; Vice President of Certification Services, Dr. Claudia Carter; Vice President of Middle East, Asia and Australia, Dr. Kem Hussain; and other AdvancED leadership staff.

The meeting was held at AdvancED Global Headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia, on February 27, 2018. In addition to touring AdvancED’s Headquarters and meeting key leaders, meaningful discussions were held regarding Maple Leaf’s continuous improvement progress and future possibilities of expanded ways of working together under Maple Leaf’s recently-acquired AdvancED Systems Accreditation. The leadership teams from both AdvancED and Maple Leaf officially commemorated Maple Leaf’s System Accreditation with Dr. Elgart presenting Dr. Jen AdvancED's System Accreditation Certificate.

AdvancED Systems Accreditation will enable Maple Leaf to advertise that the new high schools it opens anywhere in the world are accredited by AdvancED, the largest and highly respected school accrediting agency in the USA and around the world.

Future Teacher Training Agreement with University of South Australia

A formal signing ceremony was held on Monday, November 20, 2017 at the Maple Leaf Education Systems Head Office in Dalian, China, for signing a Maple Leaf Future Math and Science Teachers Training Agreement between the University of South Australia and Maple Leaf Education Systems.

Twenty Maple Leaf high school graduates will be selected per year to attend the University of South Australia, in Adelaide, Australia. Upon completion of an undergraduate degree in Math and/or Science and the University’s teacher education program, and obtaining BC teacher certification, these teacher education grads will be employed by Maple Leaf as high school Math and Science teachers.

Maple Leaf has also entered into similar future teacher training agreements with TRU and KPU in Kamloops and Richmond, BC.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems Receives AdvancED Corporate Systems Accreditation (2017-2022)

Maple Leaf Educational Systems Board members are all smiles at their November Board meeting in Hong Kong as they celebrate Maple Leaf Corporate Systems Accreditation from AdvancED. Governing Board members are left to right: Peter Owen, Howard Balloch, Dr. Sherman Jen, James Beeke, Dr. Xiaodan Mei, and Jingxia Zhang (missing is Arthur Wong)

Dr. Sherman Jen, Chair and CEO, is holding the plaque from AdvancED, which reads:

This is to certify that
has met the criteria for educational quality
established by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission
and is hereby presented this
North Central Association of Schools and Colleges (NCA) Commission
on Accreditation and School Improvement
Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges (NWAC) Commission
on Accreditation and School Improvement
Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS) Commission
on Accreditation and School Improvement
Valid Through June 30, 2022

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems successfully completed an on-site accreditation review for AdvancED Systems Accreditation on May 22-24, 2017 at its Head Offices in Dalian, China. The AdvancED team recommended to its Accreditation Commission that CMLES be granted AdvancED Systems Accreditation status for a term of five years. AdvancED Systems Accreditation will greatly support any new high school programs to be opened by Maple Leaf in China and around the world with a status of accreditation.

AdvancED is USA based and is the largest education accrediting body in the world, accrediting more than 32,000 schools involving more than 20 million students in many countries.

Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Global Education, James Beeke, noted “AdvancED’s Systems Accreditation will enable Maple Leaf to advertise that the new high schools it opens are accredited by AdvancED, a highly respected school accrediting agency in the USA and around the world. Maple Leaf sincerely appreciated the professionalism and experience of the AdvancED inspection team members and the quality of discussions that were held. In addition to the many complimentary observations noted by the AdvancED review team, the process focuses on continuous improvement. This is a real value of Maple Leaf engaging in the AdvancED accreditation process. The process identifies strengths as well as areas to strengthen to make Maple Leaf Educational Systems and its schools even stronger. These areas will be addressed as priorities in our next years’ Systems Improvement Plans.”

Dr. Sherman Jen Donates $5 Million to Thompson Rivers University

Chairman and Founder of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems, Dr. Sherman Jen, made a private five million dollar donation to Thompson Rivers University at an event held in the Brown Family House of Learning at Thompson Rivers University. This donation is the university’s largest individual private donation ever and will be allocated to scholarships, research and teaching facilities.

For more information on how the donation will be used please visit Thompson Rivers University’s website

Maple Leaf School Opens at KPU in Richmond

Maple Leaf Education North America, the Canadian subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems proudly celebrates the official opening of Maple Leaf School – KPU. This newest school in the Maple Leaf family is located in Richmond, British Columbia on the campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) and marks a unique collaboration between Maple Leaf and KPU.

“We are delighted to open our newest Maple Leaf School on the campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University in the heart of Richmond, one of the most dynamic and ethnically diverse locations in the beautiful Greater Vancouver Region. KPU has many great programs and academic opportunities to offer our students, and we are excited to be part of this expanding campus.” said Dawn Sutherland, President, Maple Leaf Education North America.

“We are proud to have entered into this partnership with Maple Leaf Education North America,” said KPU President Dr. Alan Davis, “and we are excited to welcome their students to KPU Richmond. This three-year pilot project to locate Maple Leaf School - KPU on our campus will have tremendous benefits for KPU, Maple Leaf and for the wider community. Maple Leaf’s belief in providing a rich cultural experience as a component of education is also not unlike KPU’s own philosophy, which we embrace as part of our international education programming. And Maple Leaf Education North America’s reputation for delivering high-quality education makes them an exceptional partner for KPU.”

This school is the second Maple Leaf School to open in Canada and will operate as a Group 4 BC Independent School leasing space and services from the university. MLS-KPU principal, Brad Helgason, and the teaching team have many years of experience working with Maple Leaf schools in China and are well qualified to bring the Maple Leaf model of education to this community. The school program blends the best of Chinese and Canadian educational practice.

Dr. Sherman Jen, Chairman and Founder of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems explains the importance of this educational model, “For Chinese international students the benefit of our model is that it provides them with the opportunity to complete the BC high school program in English immersed in an English environment while at the same time they can retain their culture and strong Mandarin language development. For Canadian students and international students from other cultures it provides them the opportunity to learn a language spoken by nearly 20% of the worlds people. Through shared language, English or Mandarin we grow to better understand each other.”

The students and their parents are attracted to KPU for its strong commitment to international education and the dynamic mix of career related academic programs it offers. Students and teachers have been warmly welcomed on campus as they begin their adventure in this new school together.

Maple Leaf Huai’an School Awards Ceremony

On September 20, 2017, Dr. Sherman Jen attended the annual award ceremony of Maple Leaf Huai’an School.

Speaking at the award ceremony, Dr. Jen stated that the significant achievements of Huai’an campus were grounded on the hard work of every staff member, and that they all deserve sincere congratulations.

In his speech, Dr. Jen pointed to the tremendous progress Maple Leaf has made both domestically and internationally, including its further acceleration this year. He noted that, as of September 2017, Maple Leaf is present in 20 cities worldwide, with 74 schools enrolling over 28,000 students students.

In addition, he noted that Maple Leaf’s global Chinese and English courses have been successfully developed, and Maple Leaf’s language standards are now established. Dr. Jen concluded with the observation that Maple Leaf is in a healthy position, and its future is bright.

Maple Leaf’s Deputy Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs

We are pleased to welcome Mrs. Jacalyn (Jackie) Kersey as Maple Leaf’s Deputy Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs, commencing August 15, 2017.

Mrs. Kersey brings a wealth of previous experience to the position, including: Bachelor of General Studies from Simon Fraser University, Professional Development Program in Education at Simon Fraser University, and a Master of Education in Administration and Leadership from the University of Alberta.

  • 11 years of teaching experience in British Columbia
  • 12 years of principal and vice principal experience at both elementary (K-7) and secondary (8-12) levels in British Columbia public schools
  • Service on committees setting School District directions in budget, assessment and curriculum.
  • Planning and Implementation of new BC curriculum at the School District level, including Core Competencies, Applied Design and Skills and Technology, Aboriginal content, Inquiry, Career education, Physical Health education, and content curriculum.
  • Secondment to the School District in order to assess and develop directions for Career Education at school and District levels.
  • Member of the British Columbia Principal’s and Vice Principal’s Association and an organizer and facilitator of professional development opportunities for British Columbia Principal’s and Vice Principals.
  • Member of the Network of Performance Based Schools and Aboriginal Enhancement Schools Network for 7 years. Presenter at the Network Symposium 2017.
  • Jackie’s husband is a British Columbia teacher/administrator working with Maple Leaf as well and Jackie is the proud mother of three children.

2017 Memorable Graduation Ceremonies

In early June, the 7 high schools of Maple Leaf Educational Systems with grade 12 classes held their graduation ceremonies. Maple Leaf Education’s Founder & Board Chair, Dr. Sherman Jen, and other leaders of Maple Leaf personally visited the schools to attend their graduation ceremonies. They were joined at these memorable events by local government officials, teachers and parents of the graduates. The ceremonies drew significant media attention. China Youth Net, a national level media outlet, conducted a special interview with Dr. Sherman Jen and reported on the graduation ceremony of Maple Leaf Dalian.

The 19th cohort of Maple Leaf International Schools’ grade 12 graduates totaled 1,807. As of June 1, 2017, Maple Leaf graduates had received 5,463 offers from western and Chinese post-secondary education institutions. In addition, graduates had received scholarship offers equivalent to almost 6 million RMB. The graduates’ rate of acceptance into the Top 100 Ranking Institutions for Maple Leaf Students exceeded 50%. Among these, 46 graduates received offers from some of the world’s top 10 institutions, including Imperial College of Technology, UK, and University College of London. Some graduates were also accepted by renowned universities in China, including Tsinghua University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and Shanghai Jiaotong University. Maple Leaf International High Schools have now graduated nearly 12,000 grade 12 students in the past 19 years. These graduates have been enrolled in over 600 universities and higher education institutions in more 30 countries.

Maple Leaf has once again demonstrated how it is successfully meeting its mission of blending the best of East and West in education, and opening a world of opportunity for its graduates!

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems and
the University of South Australia to open a Bilingual School

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited today signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of South Australia to explore opening an English-Chinese (Mandarin) bilingual school in collaboration with the University of South Australia, within the University’s Magill campus Education precinct.

The School will be the first high school in Adelaide established by a Chinese education group and will offer a bilingual English-Chinese curriculum for senior high school students in grades 10-12 and be accredited as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School.

Chairman and Chief Executive of Maple Leaf, Dr Sherman Jen, says China Maple Leaf is delighted to be opening its first high school in Australia at the University of South Australia.

“Maple Leaf schools will graduate more than 1,500 students in June 2017 and over 2,500 in June 2018,” Dr Jen says.

“An increasing number of our students are choosing Australian universities for their higher education and being one of the top 50 universities in the world under 50 years old, the University of South Australia is an excellent partner for us.

“We admire their high educational standards, their internationalism, and their pioneering spirit.”

University of South Australia Vice Chancellor Professor David Lloyd says UniSA is pleased to welcome China Maple Leaf Educational Systems as partners in the Magill Education precinct.

“Maple Leaf’s network of more than 60 schools will provide broad opportunities for our Education students such as classroom observation, research, practicum experience, and in future international work opportunities for our Bachelor of Education graduates,” Professor Lloyd said.

“This Maple Leaf School will provide first-hand experience for the students of UniSA to observe a bilingual school, opening up new opportunities to analyse these programs and to be pioneers in the study of bilingual education.

“We look forward to more applications to study at UniSA from among Maple Leaf’s students and to an increased profile for UniSA in China, raising awareness of our young university in the world’s largest country for international students.”

China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Limited opened its first school in 1995 and has grown to become the largest operator of international schools in China, with over 26,000 students in 15 cities in China.

The School is expected to open in 2018 with 75 students.

Maple Leaf School planned for Kwantlen Polytechnic University – Richmond, BC Campus

On the eve of the 12th Annual MLES Recruitment Fair on November 18, 2016, in Dalian, China, Maple Leaf Educational Systems and Maple Leaf Education North America signed a significant MOU with Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond, BC.

Our special guests from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Dr. Alan Davis, President, Mr. Stuart McIlmoyle, Associate Vice President International, along with Ms. Ann Yuan and Ms. Isabel Chan travelled from Canada to sign this very significant memorandum of understanding and to visit Maple Leaf schools for the first time.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University, or KPU, has a history not unlike the history of Maple Leaf. It started as a small college in one location in and has grown throughout the BC lower mainland becoming one of the larger universities in Canada measured by student population and by the number and size of its campuses. Like Maple Leaf, KPU is a success story.

In September of this year Maple Leaf Education North America opened the first Maple Leaf school outside of China, Maple Leaf School – TRU on the campus of Thompson Rivers University located in central BC. This not only established our first global presence, but also established our model of a university preparatory high school located on a university campus. We believe this to be a winning educational model for our students and for the university.

With the announcement of this first school MLENA also indicated our intent to open additional schools in coming years and KPU was quick to respond to this opportunity. The signing of this MOU establishes our plan enter into detailed negotiations, aiming to open MLS-KPU, in September 2017, located on the Richmond Campus of Kwantlen Polytechnic University Campus.

With this school opening we will have two options for our highly motivated university oriented students, one in a smaller, rural location and one in a large metropolitan city, both on exceptional university campuses that offer our students access to a very unique educational experience.

Maple Leaf’s First Canadian School Officially Opens

On September 29th Maple Leaf Education North America, the Canadian subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems proudly celebrated the official opening of its first Canadian high school, Maple Leaf School – TRU. The school is located in Kamloops, British Columbia on the campus of Thompson Rivers University (TRU) and marks a unique collaboration between Maple Leaf and its longtime partner TRU.

“This is a very proud moment for Maple Leaf as we come full circle and open our first school in Canada, in Kamloops and with TRU, one of our very earliest university partners,” said Dawn Sutherland, President, Maple Leaf Education North America.

“This collaboration is an example of Maple Leaf’s and TRU’s visionary approach to global education. It will build relationships between the people of China and Canada,” said Alan Shaver, TRU President and Vice-Chancellor.

The school will operate as a Group 4 BC Independent School leasing space and services from the university. MLS-TRU principal, Blake Defieux, and the teaching team have all previously worked at Maple Leaf schools in China and are well qualified to introduce the Maple Leaf model of education in Canada. The school program blends the best of Chinese and Canadian educational practice as students complete requirements towards both BC and Chinese high school diplomas.

Dr. Sherman Jen, Chairman and Founder of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems explains the importance of this educational model, “There are more than one million Chinese families in Canada and Maple Leaf’s blended program will provide them with opportunities to learn their native language and culture along with the BC program, and to develop their skills and abilities to enhance future collaboration between Canada and China in education, culture, business and many other areas.”

The students and their parents are attracted by TRU’s university village concept and the strong commitment to internationalization evident on the campus. Students and teachers have been warmly welcomed on campus and in the Kamloops community.

“This unique partnership is strengthening the educational bonds between China and British Columbia. The value of international education goes well beyond the more than $300 million that international students contribute to British Columbia’s economy. The true value of this partnership lies in the cultural connections students make with one another and the exposure to new places, new friends and new ideas,” said Mike Bernier, Minister of Education.

Ms. Fan Appointed as Chief Legal Officer

With pleasure we announce that Ms. Guijie Fan has been appointed to serve as a Vice President and as Chief Legal Officer for China Maple Leaf Educational Systems. Ms. Fan graduated from Harbin University of Science and Technology in 1989. She served with both the Beijing Angdao and Beijing Yinke Law Firms before joining Maple Leaf in June 2014. From 2011 to 2014 she provided legal advise to Maple Leaf as a contracted legal advisor.

Since working at CMLES, Ms. Fan has established and directed Maple Leaf’s Legal Affairs Department. In her new role, Ms. Fan will establish and ensure law-based governance structures and operations, intellectual rights (copyright) protection, and direct CMLES’s Human Resources Department.

We wish Ms. Fan every success in her new responsibilities.

James Beeke Appointed Superintendent of Global Education

We are pleased to announce Mr. Beeke’s appointment to a new role as Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Global Education. He served the previous two years as Superintendent of BC Programs in China. Mr. Beeke will oversee educational programs, standards and leadership in new Maple Leaf schools in Canada and other countries.

Mr. Beeke will also continue to serve as:

  • Executive Director/Vice President: China Maple Leaf Educational Systems Board of Directors
  • Liaison: BC Ministry of Education for Maple Leaf Schools
  • Special Advisor to the Chairman
  • Coordinator of special projects as requested by the Chairman or Board, e.g. to currently supervise and coordinate the development of Maple Leaf Student Workbooks to fit international student needs for several high school courses

Mr. Beeke’s previous experience includes:

  • Served 2 years as Deputy Inspector and 7 years as the Inspector of Independent Schools: Ministry of Education—Province of British Columbia, Canada. As Inspector, Mr. Beeke administered the Independent School Act on behalf of the Minister of Education. This position included the inspecting and certifying of more than 350 schools and the issuing of provincial funding to eligible schools. The Inspector also was responsible for such items as the issuance, suspension and revocation of Ministry of Education independent school teacher certificates; provincial home-schooling policies; independent school distributed learning (electronic/distance-delivered) programs; and British Columbia’s offshore school certification program.
  • Served 4 years in the People’s Republic of China as Superintendent of Maple Leaf Schools that deliver British Columbia, Canada — certified K-12 programs.
  • 21 years of experience as a school principal—including both elementary (K-9) and high school (10-12).
  • 25 years of teaching experience in grades 4-12, in public and independent schools.
  • Authored 7 published textbooks for elementary and high school students, and several articles for different periodicals.
  • Written 6 Ministry of Education Reports analyzing six different curricula.
  • Earned Bachelor of Arts (in Education) and Master of Arts (in Educational Administration) degrees from Western Michigan University.
  • Spoken at numerous conventions, conferences and professional development workshops in British Columbia, Canada, USA, China and more.
  • Received several awards including Certificates of Recognition from British Columbia’s Minister of Education, the Education Consul: Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Vancouver and the People’s Government of Liaoning Province, China.
  • 5 years of educational consultant work in BC, Ontario, the USA and internationally as President of Signum International Educational Services, Inc.

Maple Leaf to Open Its First School in Canada

Maple Leaf plans to open its first school in Canada this Fall on Thompson Rivers University (TRU) campus in Kamloops, BC.

TRU’s News Release is posted below:

Kamloops, BC—Maple Leaf Education North America (MLENA), the Canadian subsidiary of China Maple Leaf Educational Systems (CMLES), announced plans to open its first Canadian high school in September 2016 in cooperation with TRU, Kamloops.

In a Memorandum of Understanding, signed today, MLENA and TRU confirmed plans allowing the school to start in a designated area on campus with the intent to move to a purpose-built school facility via the university trust in the near future.

“This is a landmark day for TRU as we continue to develop innovative approaches to internationalization,” said TRU President and Vice-Chancellor Alan Shaver. “We have a long-standing relationship with our partners and this is another opportunity for us to create more learning options for students and collaborative research projects for our faculties.”

The first students in the new school will be selected from existing Maple Leaf schools in China, which as part of the BC Global Education Program Offshore Schools, have been delivering the BC curriculum in China for over 20 years. CMLES currently operates eight BC certified high schools throughout China, enrolling more than 7,500 BC registered students. The students selected to come to Maple Leaf School-TRU will come to Kamloops to continue their BC high school program in Kamloops.

“We are very excited to be taking this first step together with our long-term partners at TRU,” said Dawn Sutherland, President, MLENA, “TRU’s university village concept is a strong attraction to our students and their parents.” In addition to the BC curriculum, MLES students in China take courses from the Chinese high school curriculum and graduate with two diplomas, one from BC and one from the Chinese provincial education authority. Maple Leaf Schools in Canada will continue this tradition, offering the required Chinese courses within the program offered in Canada. Associate Vice President, International and Chief Executive Officer, TRU World Global Operations Baihua Chadwick said, “This innovative, one-of-a-kind cooperation project will not only benefit TRU’s students and faculty, it will benefit the Kamloops community as a whole. This bilingual and bi-curriculum school can potentially attract professionals and families from other parts of Canada if they wish for their children to receive a dual credential accredited by both the Chinese Ministry of Education and the BC Ministry of Education.”

James Beeke, Maple Leaf’s Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs, stated, “This is an exciting first step for the 60 students enrolled, their parents, Maple Leaf, TRU, BC, Canada and China. It is a win-win for all involved. Maple Leaf plans to open more schools across Canada in the future and in other countries as well. Maple Leaf’s plans include becoming the largest high school in the world with high schools in several different countries around the world.”

New Joint Venture Maple Leaf School in Yanching

A joint venture agreement for Maple Leaf International School – Yancheng was officially confirmed by the Yancheng government: Yandu District and Maple Leaf on July 12, 2016. China Maple Leaf Educational Systems founder, chairman and CEO, Dr. Sherman Jen, and Party Vice Secretary and Governor of Yandu District, Yancheng, Wu Benhui, signed on behalf of the agreeing parties.

Several government and education bureau officials were present at the signing ceremony, as well as media representatives. Dr. Sherman Jen announced in his speech that Maple Leaf will launch a new pre-school, elementary school and middle school in Yancheng: Yandu District in 2017. Wu Benhui explained in his speech how a Maple Leaf school in Yancheng is an honor to Yancheng and how it will foster educational reform and public-private partnerships with the private operation of schools within government owned school facilities. Yancheng Education Bureau’s Party Secretary and Director, Yin Yong, expressed his hope and belief that a Maple Leaf School in Yancheng would become a top school in Jiangsu Province and promote educational quality and exciting opportunities for students.

This “government-constructed and Maple Leaf-operated school” is scheduled to open on September 1, 2017.

AdvancEd High School Accreditations

Maple Leaf’s high schools successfully completed the required internal self-assessment work and stakeholder surveys this school year, and have passed their on-site inspections by AdvancEd teams in May and June 2016. All seven Maple Leaf high schools undertaking this process were successful and all were recommended by the on-site inspection teams for full AdvancEd accreditation.

AdvancEd is USA based and is the largest school accrediting body in the world, accrediting more than 32,000 schools involving more than 20 million students in many countries.

Superintendent of Schools: BC Programs, James Beeke, stated “Once granted by its Board, AdvancEd will add USA/international accreditation to the BC, Canada certification that Maple Leaf high schools already hold. In addition to the many complimentary observations noted by the AdvancEd inspection teams, the process focuses on continuous improvement. It identifies strengths as well as areas to strengthen to make a good school even better. These areas will be addressed as priorities in the next two years in Maple Leaf Schools’ goals and professional development plans.”

Teacher Excellence Awards

A new annual tradition has been established by the Maple Leaf family of schools. Teachers vote for teachers at their respective schools who most clearly reveal the following criteria:

  • Demonstrates teaching excellence
  • Engages and motivates students
  • Shows dedication and willingness to do extra
  • Radiates a positive influence
  • Reveals consistent professional deportment

Teachers voted in receive a Superintendent’s Award for Teaching Excellence. Up to one such award is issued for every 500 students in a school.

The following BC-certified teachers received Teaching Excellence Awards in June 2016:

  • Lorne Scott (Chongqing)
  • Lauren Sharpe (Chongqing)
  • Carolyn Kooymans (Dalian)
  • Wendy Goodall (Dalian)
  • Devan Grainger (Dalian)
  • Kelli Kramer (Dalian)
  • Antonio Minichilli (Dalian)
  • Erica Chao (Dalian FNS)
  • Jordan Gray (Henan-Luoyang)
  • Laith Saied (Tianjin)
  • Stephen Herr (Tianjin)
  • Thomas Mein (Tianjin)
  • Jason Thadical (Shanghai)
  • Jeanine Went (Wuhan)
  • Nicholas Catangui (Wuhan)
  • Cassie Van Oort (Wuhan)
  • Emerson Mole (Wuhan FNS)
  • Jessica Zhou (Zhenjiang)